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More Adventures With The Munchkins

Let’s see. Where do we start. Well, as I said in my last entry, munchkin 3 threw everything that he could pick up. This led to some interesting experiences. When he was about three years of age, he was in Grandma’s front yard with his little sister and her same-age cousin on either side of him. They were sitting on the grass doing what year old munchkins do, you know, picking at grass, eating bugs, etc, completely unaware of the danger they were in. As attentive parents, we kept a close eye on the three of them, but evidently, not close enough. Munchkin 3, with his eagle eyes, had found a small section of metal conduit pipe. This wasn’t the heavy water pipe that is used to run wiring through. But still, in the hands of my son, it was a dangerous piece of 6 inch long pipe. I started toward the boy, intent on removing the pipe from him before an incident occurred. Alas, I was too slow. With no thought of what the results of his actions might be, munchkin 3 launched the pipe straight up and into the air. Now the fact that this two year old could throw a pipe ten feet straight up was amazing in itself. What happened next was poetic justice.

Visions of a pipe landing on one of the babies’ heads flashed through my mind as my walk turned into a run. Though I sprinted, the pipe was faster. It fell toward the Earth with amazing speed and hit munchkin 3 right on top of his head. Fortunately, as stated earlier, it was a small, lightweight piece of conduit and did no real damage.

Munchkin 3 howled for several minutes while I tried to calm him. Two year old munchkins just don’t like being klonked on the head. I tried to explain to him, yet again, why throwing things was just not a good thing to do. But as you will learn later in this blog, the painful lesson that I hoped the boy would learn was lost to his young brain. He continued to throw anything that could be thrown for another couple of years.

The babies, well they continued exploring the feel, the tastes, and the sight of everything around them, as 1 year old munchkins do. Let me tell you about munchkin 4’s first birthday party. We held it at Grandma’s house. It was a grand party with chocolate cake, and ice cream, with a place at the table for the birthday girl, her cousin who was two weeks younger, all of her siblings, and her cousin’s siblings. All in all, there were 8 munchkins at the table, all waiting for cake and ice cream.

Now anyone who knows anything about munchkins knows that when you put a group of them together, it can, and usually does turn into a wild and wooly experience. This occasion was one of those occasions. I all started well enough, with each child sitting in their assigned seat, talking and giggling, but not outrageously so. As it was munchkin 4’s birthday, we gave the first piece of cake to her, with the next going to her slightly younger cousin. The cousin daintily picked at her cake, eating it like a perfect little lady. My child however, was having none of that dainty stuff. She grabbed her cake with both hands and proceeded to stuff it into her mouth with abandon. Her older siblings and cousins though it funny indeed. Comments were made as they laughed at my baby’s chocolate covered face.

Well, it didn’t take long for the others to follow suit, including the dainty one. Even the parents were laughing. When the birthday girl completed the task of unceremoniously stuffing her face, she promptly climbed from her chair onto the table. For a one year old, that girl moved quickly. Oh, did I say that she was another early walker/talker? Before we could reach her, she walked to the cake and proceeded to stomp it into submission with her bare, baby feet. We adults were laughing so hard that we couldn’t move, at least for a minute or two. We were surprised and amazed.

Naturally, the cake my DW had so diligently decorated, was rendered inedible. We picked up our little munchkin and took her to the bathroom, where cake and chocolate icing was washed from every nook and cranny of her little body, including her hair.

As I said earlier, life is never dull with munchkins around; and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. In my next entry, I’ll be remembering the peculiar way my DW would awaken me on a Saturday morning, with the help of the munchkins. Until then, enjoy your own munchkins, or grand-munchkins. They will bring you the most joy that can be had in this life.

“There is no success outside the home that justifies failure within the home.”

G.W. North


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Ordinary dad who loves his kids and wife, with lots of life experience with both. Part scientist, part engineer, part creative and gourmet chef (of own kitchen), part outdoors-man, all husband, all dad. Oh, and love to write novels, cookbooks, etc. Enjoy the blog. I know I'll love writing it for you. And every now and again, I'll throw in an especially good recipe, or cooking technique.
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