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I’ve been gone for two weeks visiting Munchkin 2, his wonderful wife, and my 2 grand-munchkins. Grand munchkins are every bit as great, and bring as much adventure to life as do your own munchkins. Good times!

Well, I promised you a tale of awakening, my awakening on Saturday mornings. So here it is. Enjoy.

I normally worked a standard day shift while in the Navy, which meant 8 to 5, with an hour commute each way. I felt that as I worked all week, including cooking all of the meals at home, and took care of whatever chores needed attention during the week, Saturday mornings should be a day when dear-old-dad should get to sleep in. Now after munchkin 1 came along, and got mobile, her mother, that woman who was supposed to be my partner and helper, figured that I needed to be awake early, to help take care of munchkin 1. She knew that if she woke me up, I would be a bit grumpy, and maybe frustrated. She also knew that I just couldn’t be mad at the little bundle of energy that was munchkin 1. Can you see where this is going?

So, Saturday arrives in Sunny San Diego, with cool mornings, just right for snoozing. And there I lay, on our waterbed (no wave canceling baffles in that mattress), sleeping peacefully, no doubt dreaming about fishing or something. And then came munchkin 1, placed on that same waterbed, at its foot. Seh would then proceed to crawl from the foot of the bed, all over my body, until she could grab my cheeks in her little munchkin hands and make noises that little munchkins make, right at my face. Of course I would awaken to her cherub-like face, a face so full of joy and expectation that I couldn’t be grouchy. I was staring into the eyes of a miniature angel. And you know, staring into the eyes of miniature angels is better even than fishing. Yes, it’s true.

Having awakened to this little being who emanated joy, I then proceeded to play with her. Favorite games included any kind of wrestling, rough housing, tossing her into the air, etc. I had this game called pillow that she just loved. I would lay her sideways, parallel with the headboard, and use her little body as a pillow. She would lay still for a moment, then start to fidget and make noise. When she started moving, I would proclaim – “Pillow, hold still I’m trying to sleep.” as I tickled her sides. She would laugh until I quit tickling her, and then lie still once more. In less than a minute, she would begin to move and squeal once more. Again I would repeat – “Pillow, hold still I’m trying to sleep.”, and tickle her some more. She would laugh so hard. This would go on for thirty minutes or more, along with other games. And then, we’d get up and I would make pancakes, which she and her mother absolutely loved.

This Saturday morning activity went on for years, with more munchkins continually added to the fray. As they got older, the place and time of attack changed from on the bed, in the morning, to any night of the week, and on the couch, usually when I was trying to relax after a hard work day. And all four munchkins, and their mother would combine to attack Dad! I had the obvious advantage though as I had martial arts training, and had also learned to turn off my ticklish sensitivity. They couldn’t tickle me, and I was well able to ignore any submission hold they tried. I only needed to poke them in a ticklish sensitive area to slide them off of me. We had fun through their childhoods, and teen years.

They couldn’t beat me when I was awake, and would frequently say things like – “We’ll get you dad, when your old and in a wheelchair. And they took great delight in “getting” me at every opportunity. Every Thanksgiving day celebration feature my roasted turkey. I would spend half the night on Thanksgiving eve, preparing the sides, and getting the turkey ready for roasting. I usually got only three or four hours of sleep. And since I was usually cooking for my family of six, and either my in-laws, or when I moved to my present location, my Sister’s brood as well, I was busy all day on Thursday cooking, while trying to catch the Macy’s Parade. By the time everything was done, carved, presented, served, and eaten, I was normaly exhausted. of course I fell asleep, sitting in a chair with my head tilted back and my mouth wide open. This was the time that my children, often, or might I say, usually encouraged by their mother, to draw on my face, put things in my mouth, etc. and take pictures. You can bet that I will teach my grand-munckins the same tricks to use on their mothers and fathers after they fall asleep sitting in a chair with their mouths wide open. Funny thing though. Whenever I’m at one of their homes, I still seem to be head cook and bottle washer. Ah well. I don’t mind. It makes them laugh, and feel like they’re getting me back. I can live with that.

Until next time, enjoy every minute of every day with your own family. And remember:

“There is no success outside the home that justifies failure within the home.”



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Ordinary dad who loves his kids and wife, with lots of life experience with both. Part scientist, part engineer, part creative and gourmet chef (of own kitchen), part outdoors-man, all husband, all dad. Oh, and love to write novels, cookbooks, etc. Enjoy the blog. I know I'll love writing it for you. And every now and again, I'll throw in an especially good recipe, or cooking technique.
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