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Eureka!  I’ve found and purchased what looks to be a quality, rotary, fly-tying vise for a good price.

Now you may ask yourself; “What’s a fly tying vise, and why on Earth would you want to tie up a fly?”

The answer my freind, is simple, so they don’t escape!

But seriously, for the fly-fishing enthusiast (which I some day hope to have time to become), a fly tying vice is essential, and becomes an extension of who you are.  But alas, you don’t get to engage in such activities until your kids are fully grown, and out of the house, which brings me back to the blog

Now where was I?  Hmm.  I think I was trying to convince you that I was the fortunate father of the prettiest little baby girl on the planet.  Yeh, that sounds about right.

So, there she was, in the hospital room, nursing from mommy.  And what did daddy do?  Daddy started snapping snapshots of his most beautiful baby,  in a moment that should have been exquisitely beautiful, and private.  As you would expect, mommy heard the click of the camera shutter and demanded, “Just what do you think you are doing!” as she hurriedly tried to gather blankets about her to protect her privacy.  She continued; “You don’t think those pictures are ever going to get printed, do you?”

I stammered “Uh, I’m sorry honey.  I was just caught up in the moment.  I’ll destroy the film.”   Who says that guys aren’t sensitive?

A strange transformation took place when that little one came into my life.  I had been driving cars, trucks, snowmobiles, and motorcycles since I was about fourteen or so, and had never even worn a seat-belt.  I had driven off of a thirty foot cliff on the motor cycle, been hit by a car, again on a motorcycle, had participated valiantly in a judo club, and did numerous other things that could have cause me more pain than I ever really thought about.  But the day my baby was born, I put on a seat belt for the first time, and have never driven a vehicle without one since.  I had someone who needed me around.

There’s an ancient mythical legend about this woman, Pandora.  The story says that it was her womanly curiosity that released all of the evils into the world.  So now we know what the ancient Greeks thought about women.  I have to say though, that most men are every bit as curious as are our female counterparts.  One day, as the munchkin (that’s what I called our little girl) was crawling about, she chanced to discover the telephone.  Somehow, she got the line cord that connects the phone to the wall, out of the phone and into her mouth.  Now even though I was experienced with trouble-shooting printed circuit boards to the component level, I had never placed any type of electrically charged wire into my mouth.  When munchkin did that very thing, she started crying as if she had just bounced her head off of a low desk.  We ran in to see her, in what we had thought was a child-proof room, grasping the telephone line cord in one hand, while sitting and crying.

My wife reasoned that she had placed the end of the line in her mouth and gotten shocked.  I said that I bet that hurt a bit, and that she wouldn’t try that trick again.  D.W. said “I wonder what it feels like.”  I could see where this was going and said; “Uh uh.  I’m not touching that cord to my tongue.

She replied; “Oh c’mon.  It can’t be that bad.  Munchkin isn’t hurt, just crying.  I bet it’s like touching a nine-volt battery to your tongue.”

I took the intelligent side of that conversation and refused categorically.  So, D.W. calmly walked over to munchkin, removed the cord from her hand, and touched the business end to her own tongue.  I watched with incredulous eyes, expecting her to yelp.  But she never made a sound, didn’t even wince, not even a little.  I had absolutely no clue what she had felt.  So I asked her; “So, what’s it feel like?”

“If you want to know, you’re just going to have to try it for yourself.” she said somewhat coldly and aloof.  Well, you can guess what happened.  We soothed munchkin and sat down to watch a little TV before bedtime. But not knowing what it felt like, it just nagged at my brain.  I fought it.  Really, I fought it with every fiber of my being.  But…

Have you ever felt a knife cut your tongue, sharp and quick?  Yeh, it felt like that.  And munchkin, she’s been helping me get into trouble ever since.
Oh, one more thing; I promised you a recipe.  This one is deceptively simple, but will completely change your view on the PBJ.  And don’t worry, my recipes include everything from Peking Duck, to ridiculously juicy smoked turkey, with all the trimmings. to The World’s Best Pancakes.  This one is presented to show you how easy it is to make something that tastes incredible.


2 slices whole wheat bread

Peanut Butter

Your favorite Jelly or Jam

Butter (at room temperature)

Preheat a flat griddle.  Spread peanut butter on one side of one slice of bread, a bit thicker than usual.  Spread jam or jelly on the second slice.  Put the sandwich together.

Now, butter the outside of one side and place the buttered side onto the hot griddle.  While that side is browning, butter the exposed side.  Cook until the first side is medium browned, and flip.  Lightly brown side 2 and remove to a plate and turn off the stove.  Eat with plenty of napkins.  This hot sandwich is gooey and extraordinary.  Really.

See you tomorrow.



One Response to How did I get here! Page 2

  1. PrincessFiona60 says:

    You know, I’m going to ask Sprout if that happened. And we’ll have a giggle at your expense.

    Wonderful post!

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